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The Best Sheeter Knives

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Sheeter knives made by Hamilton Industrial Knife are made with razor sharp, burr free edges.  Obviously how razor sharp they are depends on the angle of the knife, but they sure do cut.  In fact, there are times when Hamilton Knives are “Too Sharp” and have to have the cutting edge dulled down a little to get the optimum cut for your set-up.  An individual level of sharpness is determined for each individual customer.

Along with the very sharp Burr Free cutting edge, parallelism is very important. Usually, .002” is the norm but if you require better, let’s talk.

The standard material used in a Hamilton Sheeter Knife is a T-1 High Speed steel brazed inlay.  We find this best for all around usage.  But if needed, we also can make them solid, in many tool steel and powdered grades.  Carbide tipped is very popular, we are proficient in that as well.

Some of the sheeter models Hamilton Industrial Knife makes sheeter knives for are:  Beck, Bielomatik, Clark-Aiken, Didde, Egan, ECH Will, Hamilton Stevens, Harris, Jagenberg, Hamblett, Lenox, Maxson, Moore & White, Smith & Winchester, Stevens, Rosenthal. If you need something not listed, we offer custom manufacturing.

So give us a call, or better yet give us a try.  For a speedy quote, (and Knife) contact us here

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