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We manufacture industrial machine knives for every industry and application since 1961. We have been committed to serving our customers and providing high quality industrial machine knives, blades and parts.

As industrial knife and machine part specialists, we offer both popular and custom products. Our goal is to meet all of your cutting needs including sharpening and new knives for your machine. Contact us today!

It is important to have an experienced company you can depend on. One that will be around to provide you the products and services that you need. We have a proven track record when it comes to making our customers happy and helping them get what they need at the right pice.



We provide solutions that allow our customers to get their work done. Whether you need industrial knives, blade sharpening, machine blades, or even a custom product, we can help. It all starts with our consultative approach. We value listening and understanding your needs. Once we have a clear idea of what you need, we use 55 years of industry experience and know how to help you find the right solution that will works best for you and your company. We are experienced and dedicated to helping you find the right solution at a good price.



Our mission is to provide our customers with the best knife, at the best price at the speediest delivery possible. We work to develop long term relationships with our customers, and we always have their best interest in mind.


Founded in 1961, we have over 55 years of industry experience. We have worked with customers across the United States and around the world to create the products they need. We know how to work with our customers to access their problems, define a cost effective solution, and create a product that exceeds their expectations. It is our experience that allows us to be the best in the business!


You don't stay in business for 55 years without figuring out how to really "wow" your customers. We take pride in providing the highest level of service to our customers. We always work to educate when we have the chance. We care about our customers, and our commitment to high level service shows!

We offer a wide range of industrial knife and blade services that are geared towards providing the solutions that you need. Whether you are looking for industrial machine knives, industrial machine blades, custom manufactured industrial knives, sharpening services, straightening, manufacturing specialty products, or process consulting we can help.

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