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Circular Slitters


Hamilton Knife makes and supplies all kinds of circular slitter knives. We manufacture with: 52-100 ball bearing type steel, High Carbon High chrome tool steel, High Speed tool steel, powdered metal, carbide tipped and solid carbide. We can provide you with the knives you need for any job.

Core Cutters

We supply for all known machine types. Some of these machine types include: Appleton, Arrow, Arpeco, Ashton, ATF, Baumfolder, Beck, Beloit/Lenox, Bielomatik, Black Clawson, Cameron, Clark-Aiken, Datm, Didde, Drent, Dusenbery, E.C.H. Will, Goebel, Goss, Hamblett, Hamilton, Harris-Schriber, Jagenberg, Kidder, Lamb-Grays, Maxon, Muller Martini, Moore & White, Pasaban, PCM, Rotatek, Sanden, Schriber Harris, Southworth, Stahl, Stevens, Tidland, Timson, Valmet, Western Gear, and Witt.


Top Slitter

If you need a part for a machine or cutter not listed, contact us.


Topped Dish Slitter

Hamilton Knife has been in business since 1961 and our quality is above reproach and backed by our guarantee. Many items are in stock for immediate delivery. Lead time and shipping on our custom manufacturing is highly competitive within the industry.

Hamilton Knife makes industrial knives for all types of slitting: shear type, burst type, razor type, score knives, bottom slitters, slitter sleeves and shafts, multi groove bottom bands, split slitters, core cutters, rivet slitters, tissue perforator knives, and many more. If you need slitters, you can depend on us to help you find exactly what you need regardless of whether you need it supplied or manufactured for your specific needs. We are here to help!


Rivet Slitter


Score Slitter

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