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Shear Knives
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Hamilton Knife makes, supplies and stocks straight shear knives and rotary shear blades for most makes and models of shears, and custom manufactures the rest. Many shear knives are in stock. If not in stock, we have short delivery times. Sharpening and match grinding is available for these Shear slitting blades on the same machine they are made on. Spacers and over arm separators are also available.

Tell Hamilton Knife your application, what you are shearing, and how thick, and we will happily recommend a material for use. Materials may include: Shock Grade tool steels to High Carbon High Chrome tool steels, to inlaid or solid carbide.

We manufacture and supply:

  • Shear Knives

  • Shear blades

  • Rotary shears/ steel slitters/ spacers

  • Overarm Separator Disc


Some of the machines we manufacture and supply shear knives for include: Accur-Shear, Adira, Amada, American Hercules, Atlantic, Betenbender, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland Crane, Delta, Di-Acro, Dreis & Krump, Edwards/Pearson, Famco,  Gary, Gatti, Guifil, Herr-Voss, HTC, Hydrapower, Lodge & Shipley, LVD, Morgan, Murata Weidmann, National, Niagara, Pacific, Paxson, Pet, Promecam, Pullmax, Rhodes, Roper-Whitney, Scottish, Stamco, Summit, Steelweld, Tennsmith, Wean, Welty-Way, Wysong & Miles, Yoder

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