Machine Knives

Hamilton Knife manufactures, supplies and stocks machine knives for many industries and applications. These are too numerous to put on our main page. Some of these include: industrial knives for the tire and rubber industry, packaging industry cardboard industry, Crabtree scrapers and many others.


Crabtree Scraper

Some of the other knives we make include: trimmer press knives, paper trimmer knives, Spadone bias cutters, razor blades, Fischer bias cutters, Akron Standard knives, rocker and liner plates for the steel industry, Wear plates, Ways or machines (Machine Ways), back up slitter rolls, grooved sleeves, multi-groove bottom bands, perforator knives, pulverizer discs/pulverizer plates, slitter anvils/rolls, tooth cut off knives, scraper blades/scraper knives, tooth cut off knives, packaging knives, paper trimmer knives, cutting sticks, pneumatic air knife holders, chipper knives, knife holders, tissue perforators, and many more.

Chipper Knife

We also offer industrial knife sharpening where we finish your knives with a razor sharp burr-free edge. We also rebuild slitter holders.

Tissue Perforator

Saw Blade

Trimmer Press Blade

Knife Holder