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Crabtree and KBA Knife Care

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There are two main elements of knife care that may seem simple, but if they are not done following proper procedures, can ruin a good day and decrease knife performance.

When we make knives, KBA type knives for example, we use a very exotic material that we triple temper to  the proper hardness thereby giving them as much toughness and durability as possible. This means the material is very hard (increasing workability), but it also means it is very easy to burn this steel it not sharpened (ground) properly.

Here are two things you can do:

Number One: Grinding

Grind your knives with a flood of coolant, and remember, this is an exotic material. It is very hard and very abrasive.  You must execute proper care, but the process should be slow. We discovered that if we speed this process up, there is a greater risk of burning the knife. Therefore, we slowed it down.

We slowly grind until the fatigue is removed from the knife.

Once the fatigue is properly taken out of the knife, this brings us to the second secret or most important thing to watch.


Number Two: Burr Removal

When the knife is sharpened or fatigue removed, it leaves a burr or wire edge on the back of the knife.  Removing this burr is as important as sharpening the knife itself.  If it is not properly removed, the knife will not perform as designed.

You can remove the burr by using proper honing stones and honing oil.

Note: Be sure you are holding the honing stones properly so as not to get your hands (or anything else than can get cut) near the sharp cutting edge.

As you move the stone up and down the knife, the burr will move from one side to the other until it is has been completely removed.  This can be a long process, but it will greatly improve the workability of your knife. Be sure to go back and forth on one side of the edge and then the other until the burr is totally removed.

These ideas seem simple, but they are so important! If you would like to find out how the proper grinding process affects your knives, let me tell you how to start the process for FREE!

If you send us a couple of your knives, we will sharpen them as mentioned above, properly remove the burr, and send them back to you.

You are only responsible to pay shipping costs to and from our factory. Fill out the contact form below to get the process started!

At Hamilton Knife, we take great pride in our work. Please take this offer seriously and let us serve you today by extending the life of your knives. Once the knives are sent back to you, give them a test and let us know how we did!

Complementary Grinding

Thanks you for contacting us!

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