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Industrial Machine Knife Sharpening

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Hamilton Industrial Knife Company was started in 1961. Since then we have used our knowledge and superior experience to become the premier knife sharpening company in the country. We specialize in machine knife sharpening.

We sharpen all types of industrial machine knives and blades. We provide prompt sharpening on a regular basis as well as emergency sharpening when it is needed. Our precision industrial grinding helps produce high quality products.

Shear blade and clipper blade sharpening are some of our specialties. We sharpen shear blades, clipper blades and many other types of industrial knives and blades on the same machines we make them on. If you want your knives as “good as new”, use Hamilton Knife for all or your machine knife sharpening needs. You’ll find our pricing competitive, and our quality exceptional.

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