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Why Choose Hamilton Industrial Knife

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Hamilton Industrial Knife is a leader in the industrial knife manufacturing and sharpening industry. We manufacture and sharpen industrial machine knives for every industry and application. We work with customers both in the United States and internationally.

Our company is know as the supplier to go to when you need things done right and at the right price. We have had the opportunity to work with many customers in our 55 years of being in business. On many ocassions we have asked why do you choose you work with Hamilton Industrial Knife, and these are the top responses we see time and time again.


We’ve been in the industry for 55 years. We’ve worked on over 15,000 products.

Industry Leader:

Consistently the go to company for knife manufacturing.


Our staff is always there to help you. We have vast product knowledge and try to deliver quickly. We like to educate our customers when they ask, so we even offer customer education materials that are very helpful. It is important to us to proactively educate our customers on the product they are buying.

Product Knowledge:

In many cases we are able to help customers come up with blade they need for their specific use and cutting application. we’ve worked with so many different products and can help the customer match the perfect knife to their specific need.


We are so confident in our quality we have a 100% guarantee (we replace knives if they don’t work). Good quality control with in house manufacturing. With sharpening - we sharpen your knives on the same machines we make them on.

This is why the next time you need help with your knives, blades, or sharpening you should call Hamilton Industrial Knife.

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