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Industrial Knife Care

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Customers often ask how to make their industrial knives last longer. One of our top responses is: machine knives need proper care, just like everything else.


1. When your knives are not being used, keep them packed in a box that allows the machine knife blade or cutting edge to not get hit.  A proper container is one that ensures the industrial knife will not flop around, and the cutting edge will not be nicked in any way. If you can’t get your knife secure in a box, put some packing in to secure your industrial knives and ensure they stay in place. The cutting edge should be protected at all times.

2. Another way to protect the blades of your industrial knives when they are not in use is to cover the edge in some way. Some options for this are: dipping the edge in melted plastic, or putting a rubber or wooden scabbard around the outside cutting edge. This will ensure that nothing can nick the blade of your industrial knife.

3. Most knives are made of steel so make sure you put a rust preventative on the part. This usually only needs to be applied once, and is something we apply to all industrial knives before we ship them to you, our customer. However, you may need to coat industrial knives with rust preventative an additional time if the knife is sitting for a while in a moist area.

At Hamilton Knife & Machine, we work really hard to get a perfect cutting edge on your knives. Proper care ensures that this cutting edge is preserved, and will help you to maintain an accurate cut. Remember, If your knives are taken care of they will generally last longer.

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