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Customers often ask how to make their industrial knives last longer. One of our top responses is: machine knives need proper care, just like everything else.


Our industrial machine knives are made with the finest quality materials attainable for your application. Our experts will make sure that you find the best product for the job. You can always expect high quality and the right pricing when you work with our company.

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Expect industrial strength from our cutting blades! Hamilton Industrial Knife & Machine supplies and manufactures the highest end products for their customers. 


Our prices are competitive in every market. Not only do we offer the right price, but based on team of experienced professionals, great selection, highest quality, and our top notch customer service, we will provide you with the best overall value.

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There's never a dull moment when using our shear blades! First of all, we are by far the highest quality manufacturer of industrial knives in the market. 


Many items are in stock for same-day shipping. If items are not in stock, then lead times are available. You can bet that once you order from our company that your items will be well packaged and shipped out quickly. We have a proven shipping process and a team of distribution experts who are ready to handle any order you might have.

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