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Tidland 133506

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Tidland 133506 is one of the most prominent slitters in the United States. Resiliency and toughness is what makes this product run at effective speeds with less required maintenance. The Tidland 133506 Bottom Slitter is an OEM product from the Tidland Company.The OEM part number for this Tidland product is spec number 006.2990 x 04.0000 x 01.5750. This product is a bottom slitter. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions, we are more than willing to help you answer any specific inquiries. It's highly important to use exact precision when using these products.  

Top Supplier of Tidland 133506

Hamilton Knife and Machine is the top supplier of Tidland 133506.  We understand the importance of precision when dealing with industrial knives. It's safe to say, we are one of the main distributors of bottom slitter knives in the United States. Our company's longevity and expertise has helped us to answer any questions our customers may have regarding this product.

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